Cazahana seems to have grabbed some of the BEST stuff from the street markets of America, in particular the Southwestern part.  furniture, jewelry, art, stationary, antiques, and vintage that could make anyone get into home decorating, and make Americans feel like they’ve been messing out on their on turf.  with top notch wedding rings to old whistles, it’s a beautiful mix of objects and space.  clean yet rusty, out of date but perfect for the season, high brow low brow.  if you have good taste, or are just looking for a flavor, go down to Cazahan, located on Tatemachi shopping street.  and check out the online store for a feel of what’s inside.

open: 11-8
closed: Wednesday
address:  〒920-0997 Ishikawa, Kanazawa, Tatemachi, 108 シュミートテライ 1F –
English: a little

DSCN7083 DSCN7061 DSCN7074 DSCN7073 DSCN7068 DSCN7075 DSCN7080 DSCN7067 DSCN7062 DSCN7085 copy


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