Norm – Vintage Shop


just off the Tatemachi shopping street is the American vintage shop Norm.  those who travel in Japan know that there are American products sold in Japan that you just can’t get in the states.  Norm is a perfect example.  100% American imports, but fashionable vintage like you’ve never seen.  top quality apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories line the shop.  the owner is extremely friendly, has road tripped across the U.S., and knows his fashion.  go in for a look at some things you can’t get at home, and maybe you’ll find something American from your trip to Japan.

open: 11-7
closed: Wednesday
address: NORMKANAZAWA 30 Satomicho Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0998
english: a bit
price: a bit on the expensive side
1 2 3 DSCN9299 DSCN9300 DSCN9303 DSCN9306 DSCN9315

Did you go to NORM? How was it? Any thoughts on our site? Comments are greatly appreciated!

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