niginigi – Vegan food

niginigi – ニギニギ

Looking for delicious vegan food in Kanazawa? Look no further. Niginigi serves all natural, 100% vegan food just behind Kanazawa station. Selling lunches, enzyme drinks, snacks, and local seasonings, niginigi is a great place if you’re looking for refreshing food in a nice atmosphere. The rice they use is locally produced in the prefecture and has won international awards (the fried soy beans are also to die for). They also serve lunches at Blue Monday cafe on Thursdays and rice balls and snacks at one one otta cafe on Tuesdays.


Hours: 11:00 ~ 18:00
Closed: Saturday and Sunday and national holidays
Address: 2-1-31 Sainen, Kanazawa
Google map link:
Price: Lunches are 600 yen
Website: 12318293_10154597699782366_1266385574_o 12528582_10154597699762366_1363116128_o 12736887_10154597702537366_1091467982_o 12746231_10154597708677366_1554648378_n 12767794_10154597699852366_591589230_n 12755217_10154597699807366_833992189_o 12755200_10154597699792366_228038381_o 12443890_10154597702482366_1187517501_o 12765651_10154597699722366_2131052288_o 12735945_10154597708702366_1152410245_n 12476908_10154597699822366_1964790332_o 12751798_10154597699867366_782905028_o 12767197_10154597708667366_995331447_n 12767443_10154597708732366_854122670_n 12721565_10154597708887366_556893116_n 12736386_10154597708832366_142312068_n 12516317_10154597708577366_31888131_n 12767662_10154597708877366_1029268814_n 12767644_10154597708892366_135083900_n 12596277_10154597708652366_976992978_n

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