And were back!


I am always thinking, I want to post SOME sort of data (pictures / video) to the web all the time, but I also hate posting.  I hate thinking about thinking about posting.

And then I realized, I have this fabulous website. So I am posting here for the first time in a couple of months.

Vol.4 of our free paper, Kanazawa Underground, will be out soon. On the paper we will have pick up artists, lots of good shops, and coupons!!!  Been grinding on that, so haven’t added much to here.

News! Started a new group on Facebook called “The Kanazawa Project – Events & Info”. We will be posting about all kinds of events in Kanazawa, clubs, food, markets, parties.  Check it out.

Just sitting around we made this video today.  GOPRO and Adobe premier;) Hope you like it.

We will let you know where issues of our new magazine can be found.  PEACE!

And please also find our best shots for the first half of February, taken on Panasonic GH3.


p1280846 p1280837 p1280835 p1280613 p1280238 p1280231 p1280222 p1280203 p1280196 p1280191 p1280183 p1280846

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