Bars in Kanazawa are aplenty, you just gotta dive in behind the doors.


Some of the best cocktails in Kanazawa. Furansu (France in Japanese) is a cocktail bar run by three brothers who are half Japanese half French.  Located on Kiguramachi street near downtown, this bar is a a cosy foreigner friendly place taking no charge, great for a drink with friends or family.

Kaname Bar

Kaname bar, self described dive bar, is a great place to chill out with a drink in Kanazawa.  The bar is located down on Tatemachi shopping street, the staff speaks English, it’s got that American bar feel, serves up real soul food, original cocktails, dessert beverages, and has a range of micro brews as well.


The traveler’s bar. Located on the 2nd floor, Tobira is a great place if you’re looking for good drinks and to interact with people from all over the world.


A fully stocked bar, dance floor, DJ booth, darts, and a bunch of good people. What else do you need? Located on the 3rd floor, Orbital is a great place to get a drink, meet all kinds of people, and feel right at home in Kanazawa.

Metro City ZIGGY

A music bar in the center of downtown Kanazawa. With a dance floor, bar counter, and a lounge area as well, Metro City ZIGGY is a great club/bar/hotspot mix. The fully stocked bar has drinks like Jamaican rum, beer, and great sake.

Function Space

Latin, jazz, disco, house, reggae…all kinds of great music coming out of the speakers at Function Space. It’s a lounge bar where you can sit down, enjoy good music, have a drink, and many Friday Saturday nights it’s a great place to see live DJs.


25 craft beers and home cooked Japanese food make nyumba  a great dining bar close to Kanazawa station.  Run by a laid back family, the owner Makoto mans the bar and his mom cooks up anything from tasty appetizers to hearty meals.  With good food, an at home atmosphere, and craft beers to top it all off, nyumba is no doubt a fun place to grab a drink or get some grub.



“Have a drink and enjoy the art”.  Pajero is an art bar serving local Ishikawa sakes and beer that shows off a different side of the Kanazawa art scene.  Along with great drinks, the bar downstairs makes you feel like you’re in some crazy novel, looking at Japanese tattoo books, drinking local sake, debating whether or not to try the absinthe.


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“It’s like going over to your friend’s house for drinks” says Yuki-san, the owner of Baraya, a 7 seater bar tucked away in back streets of Kiguramachi.  With an awesome selection of local sake, this is your true Japanese bar.  Go for the drinks, stay for the drinks.


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Puddle Social

The bar is big, cozy, the staff are cool, they serve great drinks and some snacks for food.  They also put on events sometimes as well.  Staff speak a bit of English, and are just super nice people.  So if you’re in downtown, maybe have a bunch of people with you, or just you and your boo traveling in Kanazawa, go check out Puddle for drink.


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Foreigner friendly, western style Japanese bar.  Zion is easy to enter, whether by yourself or with friends.  The staff are all super nice, and all the customers are as well.  You will, without a doubt, make some new friends.


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