Welcome to the artists side of Kanazawa Underground.  Locals like who you see below are a big reason of why I am still in Japan.  Enjoy.

Shogo – local photographer

We had the pleasure of meeting Shogo recently, and it felt long overdue. A great guy, and a real good photographer.  Another great artist from Kanazawa, Japan.


ANOTORINO is a local artist in Kanazawa. He did our cover art for Vol. 4, and we did a full spread on him on this issue of the free paper.


LAMF is a three man crew.  Three guys, Doko, Kotaro, and Tatsuya, all met through through the BMX scene, but with interest in street culture and fashion, they wanted to do something different.  Starting in 2014, the three of them started making videos and apparel. 



Rock. Drink. Repeat. “LIKE EACH OTHER” is a local punk band in Kanazawa. Yusuke on guitar, Ikke on bass, and Shohei on drums. The band has been playing for about 4 years, and live shows are always filled with local fans. “We aren’t hard rock, we aren’t new school hard core, we just have a punk take on different kinds of music. We try to think less about the genre and more about what we can do well together.”



“PROPO” is a 3 man paint team in Kanazawa.  The guys, Takuya, Yohei, and Kacchi have been painting together since 2010.  All with their own days jobs and background in architecture and design, they paint everything from indoor and outdoor murals to live paint at clubs in their free time.  


Click the pic for more PROPO ↑


A Kanazawa native, York Uno became the first Japanese rider to win an American BMX flatland contest in 1998. After that, he created his own company ARESBIKES (

98年アメリカで行われたプロBMXコンテストで日本人初の優勝を成し遂げ帰国後、オリジナルBMXブランド ARESBIKES (aresbikes.com参照)を立ち上げる。

Check out the video we at KUG films made.  York Uno goes to Colorado, USA for some free riding in Denver before judging at “Battle in the Rockies International BMX Flatland Event” in Colorado Springs in November 2014.

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