York Uno



I met York in Komatsu, Japan, in front of the train station.  He’s been a good friend for about 4 and a half years.  He’s quite the rider.


In 1998, York Uno became the first Japanese rider to win an American flatland contest. After that, he created his own company ARESBIKES (aresbikes.com). He has been in the X-games, won gold at Asian X-games, won gold at Planet X-games, semi-finals at Flatground in Holland, participated in a torch passing relay for the Beijing Olympic games, champion at many Japanese competitions, won medals at many international competitions, judges around the world, and is a pioneer in the BMX scene. He is now getting into many forms of culture like DJing, music creation, film, and has great talent in more than just riding bikes.

98年アメリカで行われたプロBMXコンテストで日本人初の優勝を成し遂げ帰国後、オリジナルBMXブランド ARESBIKES (aresbikes.com参照)を立ち上げる。日本人最多のX-GAMES出場、ASIAN X-GAMES 優勝、PLANET X-GAMES (オーストラリア)優勝、FLATGROUND(オランダ)準優勝、全日本シリーズKOGチャンピオンなど世界中のコンテストで入賞を果たし、オリンピック聖火式など世界中のDEMO、ジャッジなど、国内外問わず活躍を魅せるBMXシーンの開拓者。現在、幅広いのアーティストとの交流から自身もDJ、楽曲制作、映像制作をこなしライディング以外の才能にも注目が集まる。

check the blog at york1975.blogspot.jp/

Rider: York Uno
Music: DJ Alterna

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