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Estacio Records – record shop

Feel like going record shopping in Kanazawa? Check out Estacio Records. With genres like latin, jazz, world, hip hop, and Japanese pop, Estacio is a great place to flip through and listen to new and used records.

Cajon to Seed – Organic apparel

Under the same roof the Cajon to Seed restaurant is a surf / apparel shop selling quality made goods and clothes from the GOWEST and GOHEMP brands.

Abranch Custom Service – bike shop

A custom bicycle shop just off the Tatemachi shopping street,  Abranch Custom Service provides rental bicycles, complete bikes, bicycle maintenance, custom parts and apparel.

Corpo Cirucs – vintage

Looking for a taste of fashionable, strange, and great vintage in Kanazawa?  Check out Corpo Circus, located just off Tatemachi shopping street.  With unique vintage and used clothes from America and Europe, Corpo Circus has clothes, bags, and accessories that show off a twisted mix of Japanese and more western styles.  


Salty – fashion, goods

Earthy, simple, cool, and made in Japan.  Salty is an apparel shop on Tatemachi shopping street with quality fashion and accessories.  The shop’s name “Salty” reflects the items: basic and elemental, bringing out the perfect flavor.  Most of the clothes are unisex, and the great fabrics give them a sophisticated, yet at-home style.  “I wanted to sell clothes that made people feel better 24 hours a day, whether they are going out or staying in,” said Daisuke, the owner of the shop.


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RICK – fashion, goods

Hands down, the apparel shop Rick has some of the highest quality fashion in the city.  Doing business for 7 years, the shop is located just a couple minutes from the 21st century museum in downtown Kanazawa. With brands including Rick Owens, Saint Laurent, Marcelo Burlon, and Maison Kitsuné, the shop Rick is the place to go if like high fashion.


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Epochz – fashion, goods

※For 17 years, a bomb artsy fashion shop.※
“Is there anything you wanna say, or you would like me to write about?” I asked the owner Akio, and he came back with something pretty good.  He said, “These days, the world moves so fast.  Take time and be conscious of the moment.  Stop by the shop, slow down, enjoy the space, and have a good time.  SLOW CLOTHING.”


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Fudge Up Nothing – apparel

Another one of the hip fashion/culture shops in Kanazawa.  The vibe is clean, bright, there are always records playing, plants decorate the store, and there is just some awesome fashion.


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Cazahana – antiques

Cazahana seems to have grabbed some of the BEST stuff from the street markets of America, in particular the Southwestern part. furniture, jewelry, art, stationary, antiques, and vintage that could make anyone get into home decorating, and make Americans feel like they’ve been messing out on their on turf. with top notch wedding rings to old whistles, it’s a beautiful mix of objects and space.


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IMART – street goods

select skateboards clothes, sneakers, sunglasses, incense, and caps from America, Europe, and Japan can all be found at IMART.  so if your looking for some select sneakers, and maybe an event around town, go check out IMART.

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Skanda – fashion

with elements of vintage, tattoo, movie, music, motorcycle, American, and Japanese culture sewn into a clothing store, you need to check out Skanda. and don’t let the rebel vibe fool you; the guys who run this shop are some of the friendliest cats in town.


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Norm – American vintage

just off the Tatemachi shopping street is the American vintage shop Norm.  100% American imports, but fashionable vintage like you’ve never seen.  top quality apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories line the shop.


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Abranch – BMX

located in Komatsu, about 30 minutes south of Kanazawa by train, is the BMX shop Abranch.  locally famous for it’s specialty bikes and loved owner, Mitaki-san, Abranch is a great place to get a feel for the hot BMX scene in Japan.


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Rebel – Skate and Apperal

with a nice mini half pipe inside the shop, this place screams underground culture.  located a couple minutes from Komatsu airport, Rebel is a great stop if your looking a Japan skate sesh right off the plane.


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Begiran – Pop up Skate Shop – ベギラン

A cool kinda of pop-up skate shop in downtown Kanazawa.  Open only Saturdays and Sundays, and it’s out of a club called Beta Lounge.  If you like to skate, and you’re close by, you should definitely go.  There is some skate gear, apparel, sofas, and you can watch skate movies.  It’s pretty cool to say the least.  It’s basically behind the street across from the McDonalds.


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