places to relax

Kanazawa is a big small city, which means you get the best of both worlds.  the big city lights, and the small city stars.  be sure take some time to relax at some of these great spots.

Saigawa River

a great place to kick it by the river.  seeing the Saigawa you can understand why Kanazawa gets the name of little Kyoto.



check out a rough map here →

around the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

one of the most famous spots in Kanazawa as well as maybe one of the best contemporary museums in Japan, don’t forget to kick it on the lawn.DSCN7727


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around Kanazawa Castle

in front of Kanazawa Castle in a great place to chill out while watching the bustling traffic in front of the famous Kenrokuen Garden.




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behind the Castle is one of our favorite spots, so bring a ball, take off you shoes, and smile.


DSCN7747check out a rough map here →

Central Park

“Chu O Koen” is the name of central park in Kanazawa. it’s not New York, but it’s a nice place to kick back.


a rough map here →

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