places to stay

Aburaya House

Aburaya is a single-story machiya-style house located just a five minute walk from Kanazawa station. The 45m2 wooden house fits three comfortably and has been traditionally renovated with all the necessary modern amenities.

Kenroku House

A rental property located 3 minutes from the famous Kenroku-en garden.  The house is for rent one group at a time, so great for families and groups.  Big at 100 square meters, it’s spacious, yet very traditional.  Kinda like a Japanese lodge.  Check the video below, and the link for prices and availability.

Shaq Bighouse

Located just a quick bus ride or a nice walk from Kanazawa station is one of the most popular guesthouses in Kanazawa, Shaq Bighouse. With an incredibly friendly and youthful atmosphere, Shaq Bighouse is our recommendation for younger backpackers looking for a good time in Kanazawa.


Pacific Hotel

A really nice, affordable, fashionable hotel located right by the fish market.  The cafe on the bottom floor is really nice for relaxing and meeting other travelers (not to mention the coffee is amazing).


Asada Ryokan

Maybe the most luxurious ryokan to stay in the city.  Located right next to Omicho fish market.  It’s pricey, but if that’s your tax bracket, well worth it.

asada jpeg


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