skip starbucks, check out these places…

Takigahara Cafe

Tucked away in the mountains south of Kanazawa near Komatsu and Kaga Onsen is Takigahara Cafe. They grow a lot of their own food, and get the rest locally. They specialize in galettes, like a savory crepe, that are incredibly delicious.


Somebody in your group wants ice cream, another just wants a coffee, and someone else wants a full on meal. What to do? Merzbau is the perfect cafe for any group looking to relax, get a coffee or home cooked Japanese food.  Located right down the street from Oyama Jinja Shrine, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the inside of the shop is retro but at the same time just the right bit of hip.


Islet Canteen and 26 popcorn

Islet Canteen is an awesome cafe just outside the city center with great coffee and snacks as well as their original herbal teas.  The space is shared with a hip vintage shop “corne” and the legendary “everyday records” record shop.  Check it out, and don’t forget to pick up a pack of 26 popcorn.


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located just down the street from Kanazawa scramble is the quaint yet sub-culture coffee shop oneoneotta.  old fashion italian coffee makers, home-made sweets, beer or Japanese sake, and 6 bar stools definitely give the place an at-home atmosphere.


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as for drinks, they got your espressos, cappuccinos, seasonal specials, teas…everything your neighborhood coffee shop should have. they have some great IPAs as well, if you’re in the mood.  as for food, their special is a pork pulled sandwich (555 yen) which is awesome!


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try out some sweets and green tea for 700 yen, or even take a short lesson where you can make your own tea, choose two sweets for 1200 yen (a great thing for couples.)


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