Japan flows with the seasons, and so does Kayuuan.  a nice little cafe tucked in the famous samurai district Naga-machi, Kayuuan is a great place to stop by if you are looking for a traditional taste of Kanazawa sweets or tea.  try out some sweets and green tea for 700 yen, or even take a short lesson where you can make your own tea, choose two sweets for 1200 yen (a great thing for couples.)  almost everything in the store is made by the wonderful woman who owns it, or locally made in Ishikawa.  starting in the spring, she serves shaved ice with hand made syrup and also ice cream sandwiches on rice wafers for only 150 yen.  grab either one and go as you stroll around on the hot summer days here in Kanazawa.  in the fall she serves Japanese chestnut treats, and in the winter she even serves the famous Japanese new years meal “osechi,” a interesting mix of famous Japanese foods.

the owner is educated in traditional ways of making Japanese sweets and tea, and is dedicated to making sure those methods don’t die out.  When asked if she was looking to change the shop in any way, she replied “the world today loves new things these days, so I’m gonna keep doing things the way they’ve been done for ages.  I think that’s the most important thing.”

Open 8-5
Closed: National holidays and Thursdays
Address: 石川県金沢市長町2−2−38 → http://goo.gl/maps/4oiZE
English: a little

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