Kanazawa is home to great food. Come taste a real meal.


Newly opened in early 2017, Starlit KITCHEN & BAR is a great place for dinner or a drink in downtown Kanazawa. With grilled fish, delicious meats, salads, vegetarian dishes, Roman style pizza, and more, it’s worldwide food, Japanese made, all the time.


Kuro Maru –  Yakiniku

Located close to Kanazawa station, the yakiniku restaurant Kuro Maru has delicious Japanese meat and a great atmosphere.  A sister shop of Maru, both of these restaurants serve top class wagyu (Japanese beef), but are easy on the wallet.

Cajon to Seed – Japanese organic food and apparel

Using local vegetables, as many organic ingredients as possible, and their own original recipes, Cajon to Seed serves up a variety of delicious dishes.  Green curry made with seasonal vegetables, Thai inspired noodle and rice dishes, Okinawa salad, spicy chicken and basil rice, smoothies, and single bean drip coffee are just some of the delicious items on the menu.

Enome – Sushi

This sushi shop located in Omicho fish market will have you coming back for more. The fish and rice served here come from a place on Noto island called “Enome”, about 2 hours north of Kanazawa.

The Godburger – hamburger shop

Right next to the samurai district, The Godburger has some of the best hamburgers in Kanazawa. With juicy but not too oily meat and original recipe buns, these hamburgers are to die for. With chilli beans, avocado, fried egg, double patty, bacon, and veggie burgers (just to name a few) the menu here runs deep.

Plat Home – Japanese and fusion

Plat Home calls itself “the artisans kitchen”.  We couldn’t agree more.  With delicious traditional Japanese food, exquisite presentation, and an atmosphere combining east and west, Plat Home is an awesome place for dinner.  The menu changes daily, so you can always expect fresh fish, tender meat, and delicious veggies.



25 craft beers and home cooked Japanese food make nyumba  a great dining bar close to Kanazawa station.  Run by a laid back family, the owner Makoto mans the bar and his mom cooks up anything from tasty appetizers to hearty meals.  With good food, an at home atmosphere, and craft beers to top it all off, nyumba is no doubt a fun place to grab a drink or get some grub.


Maru – Yakiniku

If you want high quality Japanese beef at a great price, Maru is the place.  They serve A4 ranking wagyu (A5 being the top) at this yakiniku restaurant, and like Korean barbecue, you grill your own meat just the way you like it.


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Ukigusa – Japanese

A lovely, refined, chill Japanese restaurant near the samurai district.


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Menya Tatsu – Ramen

Some of the best ramen in the city.  Everything here is “tonkotsu” or pork bone broth ramen.  Grab a bowl and a beer…welcome to Kanazawa.


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if you are looking for good street side takoyaki late at night partying in downtown Kanazawa, check out Donaiya.


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esnica – International

It’s all the best food from around the world with great local ingredients (just in case you didn’t already know Kanazawa is super famous in Japan for food).  Some of their dishes include seafood coconut curry, home style lemon and cream fettuccine alfredo, smoked salmon sandwich, ahijo, among a bunch of other mouth watering dishes.


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Cafe+Dining Gotcha – Italian

an Italian restaurant with a cozy yet cool atmosphere, this is where the hip young crowd goes to grab some great Italian. with pizza, pasta, meat, and fish, this place is a great place to get some food or a drink if your a little tired of Japanese food, and need a battery recharge.


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Scala – Italian

recently opened in September of 2014, you gotta check out the delicious dishes at Scala.  the roast lamb is their most popular dish, but with the great pasta, fish, and other meat selections, you can’t miss.


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Pekin – Chinese food

looking for some Asian food, but wanna a little more flavor than your average Japanese dish, and a lot of grub for your traveling yen?? head over to Pekin for some great Chinese food.


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