Maru – Yakiniku


If you want high quality Japanese beef at a great price, Maru is the place.  They serve A4 ranking wagyu (A5 being the top) at this yakiniku restaurant, and like Korean barbecue, you grill your own meat just the way you like it.  The meat is primarily from Miyazaki prefecture, and Maru puts a lot of effort into choosing and preparing the best food possible.  Serving beef, pork, intestines, kimchi, vegetables, and soup, Maru is a great place to go for dinner or after for a light snack and a beer.  The shop is pretty big, so fine for larger groups.  The owners recommendations are karubi (boneless rib), and kopuchan (small intestine).  One plate goes for about 700 yen.

A4ランクの和牛からホルモンまでお得に食べれる”ホルモンまる”。 お店に入る前から焼肉のいい匂いで、この時期はビールがとても進むだろう。ここのおすすめはカルビやコプチャン(小腸)だが、どれを注文しても間違いなしの旨さ。またマッコリが飲めて相性も抜群だ。

Hours: 18:00 ~ 2:00
Closed: Wednesday
Address: 2-8, Kiguramachi, Kanazawa
Google map links:
English menu: Yes

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