Pekin – Chinese food


looking for some Asian food, but wanna a little more flavor than your average Japanese dish, and a lot of grub for your traveling yen?? head over to Pekin for some great Chinese food. located right in downtown, Pekin is good for dinner, but an absolute home run for lunch. The lunch menu is really cheap, at about 600 yen for the”teishoku” or sets, that will definitely fill you up.  With great fried rice, dumplings, sweet and sour pork, beef and chicken, and super filling  or sets, don’t feel bad about eating Chinese in Japan.

Open: 11:30 to 3:00 and 5:30 to 10:00
Closed: Mondays
Address:  3-10 Kakinokibatake, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0962 –
English Menu: yes
DSCN8049 DSCN8055 DSCN8051 DSCN8054 DSCN8053

Did you go to Pekin? How was it? Any thoughts on our site? Comments are greatly appreciated!

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