Plat Home – Japanese food

Plat Home – プラットホーム

Plat Home calls itself “the artisans kitchen”.  We couldn’t agree more.  With delicious traditional Japanese food, exquisite presentation, and an atmosphere combining east and west, Plat Home is an awesome place for dinner.  The menu changes daily, so you can always expect fresh fish, tender meat, and delicious veggies.  The tuna and avocado with seaweed is a popular appetizer, the sashimi always goes recommended, and the prosciutto with bacon is delicious.  Ponta, the head chef, worked  at another famous restaurant in Kanazawa before starting Plat Home.  You could expect to pay double or triple elsewhere for presentation and freshness like this, but Plat Home is reasonably priced at about 1000 yen per dish.  It’s hard to say enough good things about this place, and we highly recommend you give it a shot if you’re in the mood for a great dinner.

彦三には古民家をリノベーションしたPLAT HOMEがある。カウンターとテーブル席があり、料理を作っている姿が見えるのが嬉しい。店内の奥には蔵があり、こちらでも食事ができる。食事をオーダーすると、ひとつの皿の上にアート作品のような”和”テイストのお料理が私たちを魅了する。

Hours: 17:30~22:30 last order
Closed: Monday
Address: 1-3-4, Hikosomachi, Kanazawa
Google map link:
Price: About 4000 yen per person including drinks

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