esnica – restaurant

esnica – エスニカ

“esnica” is an awesome place to go if your looking for great international food and a nice atmosphere.  Located just outside the main Kanazawa area, it’s got a suburban feel, but big city flavor.

Lunch is about 1000 yen with drink included.  No bad.  Dinner is as well about 1000 yen a plate.   It’s all the best food from around the world with great local ingredients (just in case you didn’t already know Kanazawa is super famous in Japan for food).  Some of their dishes include seafood coconut curry, home style lemon and cream fettuccine alfredo, smoked salmon sandwich, ahijo, among a bunch of other mouth watering dishes.  They also carry Suntory’s most expensive beer, Master’s dream, on tap along with a bunch of great sakes.

Recommended is the Gaparo rice (Thai basil chicken), a lunch favorite.  One thing really popular among the Japanese for dinner is the raw horse meat and sake.  I know what your thinking…but if you were looking to try something crazy.  Also great is the smoke sampler (smoke moriawase).  It’s got kimchi, yellow radish, nuts, ham, chicken, all the best smoked up.

Check out their website below for all their dishes.  Kazuki, the owner, is an up and coming cook, regardless to say an awesome guy.  His wife runs a hair salon in the space next door.  Really taking over the neighborhood.  No more than a 2000 yen taxi run from any spot in Kanazawa.  Walkable from Nagamachi samurai district.  Check it out.


Lunch hours: 11:30 ~ 14:30
Dinner hours: 18:30 ~ 22:30
Closed: Monday all day and Sunday night
Address: 17-53 Motogikucho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
住所: 石川県金沢市元菊町17-53
Google map link:
English menu: No.  Kazuki speaks a tiny bit of english, and you will definitely get some great food.  Going with a translator could be good.
Price: One plate about 1000 yen.
Shop Website:

P1070525 P1070495 P1070521 P1070518 P1070535 P1070538 P1070516 P1070503 P1070506

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