Enome – Sushi

Enome – えのめ

This sushi shop located in Omicho fish market will have you coming back for more. The fish and rice served here come from a place on Noto island called “Enome”, about 2 hours north of Kanazawa. The shop’s yatai style, almost like a food cart, is great because it is how sushi used to be served, like fast food.  Enome is also unique because they make their sushi rice right at the shop, rare for even Omicho market.  In Kanazawa, where the fish is famous, you’ll find great fresh and local sushi at Enome.


Hours: 10:00~15:00
Closed: Tuesday
Address: 33-1, Kamiomicho, Kanazawa
Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/UAoLodUFid42
English menu: Yes
Coupon: 200 yen off nigiri set with paper coupon from Vol. 4 free paper
Credit Card: No

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