Merzbau – Dining Cafe

Merzbau – メルツバウ

Somebody in your group wants ice cream, another just wants a coffee, and someone else wants a full on meal. What to do? Merzbau is the perfect cafe for any group looking to relax, get a coffee or home cooked Japanese food.  Located right down the street from Oyama Jinja Shrine, the atmosphere is relaxed, and the inside of the shop is retro but at the same time just the right bit of hip.  The hayashi rice and the curry are the most popular items.  Hayashi rice is a delicious hashed beef, and cooked at Merzbau like it is in Japanese homes.  They also have “Migi curry” which is half curry and half hayashi rice, a Merzbau speciality.  The menu also includes hot sandwiches, shaved ice, homemade cakes and muffins, a variety of drinks like ginger tea.  The morning service is also very popular at 500 yen for toast, coffee, and a choice of two sides.  Enjoy a true hometown Japanese cafe and all its goodness at Merzbau.


Hours: Tues~Fri : 7:30-17:00
Sat., Sun., National Holidays : 8:00~17:00
Closed: Monday
Address: 1-25, Oyamamachi, Kanazawa
Google map link:

P1200962 í©É~ÉMÉJÉåÅ[ÉZÉbÉg P1200965 P1210036 P1200995 P1200980 P1210026 P1210001 í©ÉJÉåÅ[ÉZÉbÉg í©ÉnÉÑÉVÉZÉbÉg ソフトクリーム0322_2 ÉÇÅ[ÉjÉìÉOÉZÉbÉg ÉJÉåÅ[ÉâÉCÉXÉIÉÄ ÉnÉÑÉVÉâÉCÉXÉIÉÄ ÉoÉiÉiÉPÅ[ÉL É^ÉãÉgÉVÉgÉçÉì É~ÉbÉNÉXÉTÉìÉh É~ÉMÉJÉåÅ[20160127 É~ÉMÉJÉåÅ[ÉâÉCÉXÉIÉÄ É^É}ÉSÉTÉìÉh

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