Salty – Fashion shop

Salty – ソルティ

Earthy, simple, cool, and made in Japan.  Salty is an apparel shop on Tatemachi shopping street with quality fashion and accessories.  The shop’s name “Salty” reflects the items: basic and elemental, bringing out the perfect flavor.  Most of the clothes are unisex, and the great fabrics give them a sophisticated, yet at-home style.  “I wanted to sell clothes that made people feel better 24 hours a day, whether they are going out or staying in,” said Daisuke, the owner of the shop.  T-shirts, collared shirts, bags, jackets, beanies, rainwear, pajamas, candles and incense, all cool and clean.  The clothes are by no means too normal, with unique styles, pajamas with secret condom holders, and t-shirts with Tokyo love hotel names on them.  So stop on by Salty to check out some awesome Japanese fashion and soak up all the good vibes.  

シンプルでクールでクリーンなイメージ、 生地や縫製、シルエットにこだわった日本製の商品を取扱っているセレクトショップ。服から雑貨まで上質でユニークなアイテムが揃っている。

Hours: 11:00~20:00
Closed: Thursday
Address: 10-1, Tatemachi, Kanazawa
Google map link:

P1210216 P1210340 P1210334 P1210330 P1210317 P1210312 P1210328 P1210349 P1210322 P1210301 P1210294 P1210279 P1210263 P1210257 P1210242 P1210234 P1210227 P1210223 P1210204 P1210202 P1210197 P1210191 P1210173 P1210167


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