[Featured shop and video] OR lingerie and salon & QURE aromablend

OR lingerie and salon & QURE

OR lingerie and salon is a specialty shop with lingerie, room ware, swim wear and provides nail and massage services.  Within the OR shop is QURE aromablend, providing top quality, order made fragrances.

OR is right beside the Saigawa river, a 5 minute walk from downtown Kanazawa.

OR stocks lingerie and swim wear from the famous New Zealand brand “Lonely”.  Lonely is known for it’s great quality, vintage look, comfortable feel and offering sizes from small to plus, fitting almost any body type.  OR is one of the only shops in Japan that has Lonely’s lingerie and swim wear.

When asked why she started the shop, the owner said “Japanese women have a shy side, and that’s beautiful in it’s own way, but I wanted to provide a space and products that help women feel empowered and beautiful.”

OR also has room wear from the brand “SkinAware”, which uses organic cotton and botanical dyes for their clothes.

QURE aromablend is a reservation only fragrance shop within the OR space.  Using only essential oils, QURE makes a unique fragrance for each customer based on recent mood, smells and oils fit for each person.  An order made fragrance is 6,480 yen.

Address and details
Open : Monday – Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. Open 15:00-19:00
Closed : Thursday, Friday
Address : 〒921-8022 Ishikawa-ken, Kanazawa-shi, Nakamuramachi, 31−41 ハイム犀川 102
Google link : https://goo.gl/maps/s8iH315zm363gtDu6
Website : https://www.or-label.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/label.kanazawa/
QURE : for reservations, head here qure-aromablend.com


” or “はフランス語でゴールドを意味します. 女性がもっと輝けますようにと願いを込めて… 特別な空間を提供します。金沢の川沿いにある小さなランジェリーショップ。自立した強い女性を表現できるランジェリーを提案します(メンズアイテムも取り扱っております)。




Qure aromablend(完全予約制)


オーダーメイドフレグランス 6,480円〜

天然精油のみを使用してオーダーメイドフレグランスを調香致します。理想のフレグランスに出会えていない方・自分だけの香りをお求めの方・合成香料が苦手な方  など



qure-aromablend.com より承ります。


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