[Blog Style] Looking for Kyoto

-Life is short, the world is big.  Travel, and travel within-

One more post, not about Kanazawa.  Sorry.  I’ll try to get back into sharing some more good things on the city soon.

Real quick, some thoughts on Kyoto, and some of my favorite spots.

Thoughts → Kyoto is nice, you should go:)  I don’t have to convince anyone to go to Kyoto.  But, the city is crazy busy these days.  Every single one of the 30 million people traveling to Japan each year goes to that city, and the city isn’t so big.  It gets real crowded.  I went last February, not a busy season, but still, Kyoto was busy.  I think it’s always busy….but, it’s always nice.

Anyways, my favorite spots, and pictures below.

    1. Ryoan-ji.  That Japanese rock garden.  You’ve seen it, you’ve probably dreamed about it.  If you didn’t see it in your guidebook, you should probably go to the doctor to get your eyes checked out.  That was my first, and maybe still, favorite place in Kyoto.  Don’t miss it.

    2. Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple.  I went recently for the first time, thanks to a friend’s recommendation (thanks Mr. E, I hope I’m not spoiling your favorite place). It’s awesome.   It’s above the bamboo forest (which was too busy to enjoy) we caught a cab there.  Thousands of buddha statues, all with their own expressions, away from the crowds.  Super nice.

    3. Favorite restaurant in Kyoto.  Isoya.  Super good, kinda like Plat Home in Kanazawa.  Isoya has some farms outside the city where they grow a lot of their own food.  Good sake, vegetarian friendly, NO english menu.  Just go, I promise, it’s good.



My daughter looking for the elusive 15th rock

Otagi Nenbutsuji Temple

If you were looking for more pictures, I guess you will just have to go yourself!

My two realest Arashiyama shots…

Oh yeah, Fushimi-inari, another awesome place, PACKED with people

Safe journey to all

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