[Blog Style] Hi Paris. Bye Paris.

-Life is short, the world is big.  Travel, and travel within-

Disclosure. Not about Kanazawa. Thanks.

We got the chance to go to Paris in January 2019.  The city was, as billions of people would probably tell you, pretty nice.  No berets, but a whole bunch of cigarets.  Everybody was friendly, the city wasn’t crazy dirty (as I had heard) and it didn’t smell (as I had heard).  All in all, we loved it.

There were a lot of Japanese restaurants (I guess the ramen craze wasn’t a lie), and shops with a bunch of Japanese stuff.  Cool Japan, one shop, was filled with stuff from, drum roll, Kanazawa.  I guess we make nice stuff:)

Japan Experience, a great travel agency all about Japan, brought us out to Paris to meet and talk about how to make an even better travel experience for people coming to Japan and Kanazawa.  We have rental houses and tours in Kanazawa, so check us out!

Here are some pics from the trip.

Tokyo ↓

This guy making sweet potatoes was sweet


Don’t forget your bitcoin in God’s house “Go Fuck Your Selfie” as the kids say

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