not trying to be real, just real.  not trying to be cool, just cool.  Skanda has been doing just this for over 15 years.  with elements of vintage, tattoo, movie, music, motorcycle, American, and Japanese culture sewn into a clothing store, you need to check this place out.  and don’t let the rebel vibe fool you; the guys who run this shop are some of the friendliest cats in town.

Skanda carries nothing but top notch underground clothing brands like Glad Hand, Black Sign, Galcia, Interface, Frank’s Chop Shop, CRIMIE, and Black Scale, just to name a few.  the first floor of the shop is geared towards a younger crowd, while the second floor is refined vintage, for the sophisticated outlaw.  the guys at Skanda are true to their cause.  and what’s the cause?  in Japanese, the phrase is “温故知新” (onkochishin) – an attempt to discover new truths by studying the past.

Open: 11:00-8:00
Closed: Wednesdays
Address:  12 Tatemachi Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0997  –
English: a little

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Did you go to Skanda? How was it? Any thoughts on our site? Comments are greatly appreciated.

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