ANOTORINO – artist

ANOTORINO is a local artist in Kanazawa. He did our cover art for Vol. 4, and we did a full spread on him on this issue of the free paper.

–Please introduce yourself

My name is ANOTORINO. I make mostly black and white art work. I use birds and nature motifs to draw something unique and symbolic in my own style.

How did you get into art?

I’ve liked to draw since I was in elementary school, then in middle school I started skateboarding and discovered hip hop and graffiti culture. Been doing art ever since. A lot of my recent works have been in collaboration with the Kanazawa sneaker shop IMART.

Where do you get inspiration from when you paint or draw?

It all kind of depends. I try to take in different things from different angles and try to capture a sort of warped interpretation of things. I just play around for as long as I want. Recently, I’ve found the crazy kind of worship and admiration of nature in different place around Japan really interesting. I take this admiration of nature and reconstruct it in my own style.

What’s your day job?

I work in the traditional art industry here in Kanazawa.

Is there any influence from your work on what you paint for fun?

I really feel that they are quite different and don’t have much influence on each other. With that said, at work I deal with traditional crafts and am around different kinds of art and tools that have been around a long time. If I stop to think about it, the crafts I work with are pretty crazy. In this way I think there could be some links in between my work and what I draw and paint.

How do you see your art evolving in the future?

I would like to use video and photographs more to experiment with different things and show a world view that exists right here and now.

We know you do live painting, so what’s it like to paint on stage in front of people? Is it different than painting alone?

The live painting that I have done has been really experimental and feels quite different than painting alone. The biggest difference is I am always thinking about how the piece will evolve by the end of the show, so I try to keep painting as long as I can. When I live paint I usually get really into it and I forget that I’m on stage with people behind me. Another difference between painting alone and painting in front of people is that live painting has a time limit, so I try really hard to create something that is special to that moment.





もともと小学生の頃から絵を描くのが好きで、中学生で始めたスケートボードをきっかけに HIPHOPやグラフィティーのカルチャーに影響されて、それ以来ずっと色々と描いています。今の作風のものもIMARTというスニーカーショップを通して発信されたものが多いのではな いでしょうか。






自分の中で完全に分けて考えているので特に互いに影響するところは少ないですが 本業の方は伝統的な技術だったり、古くから伝わる道具とかを目にする機会が多くて、それが普通に考えたら結構クレイジーなものだったりするので、その辺りは少し絵の方に現れ てきているかもしれません。



Live Paintをしていると思いますが、人の前で描いて時はどんな感じですか?一人で描くときと違いますか?

今までのLive Paintは実験的な表現が多かったので、いつも描いている時とは違う感覚です。一番違うのは、最後までどうなるか考えながら描いていくので完成を定めないようにしてます。かなり入り込んで描く事が多いので、描いてる時は人前でやってる感覚はなくなります。普段の作品づくりとは違う、Live Paintの時間的な制約の中で今ある世界観をどこまで表現できるかにこだわって描いています。



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