[Featured Post] The “20th Matsuri”

Festivals – The “20th Matsuri”

I wouldn’t say we have lots of info on good festivals in the Ishikawa region. In fact, this might be the first. But I wanna share this one, because it’s real fun. “Hatsuka Matsuri” or the 20th festival.

Held every year on the 20th of September, it’s a super cool festival. Crazy tall floats are carried around and then almost rammed into main shrine of the festival. People dressed in tengu character costumes are another crazy part of the day.

It’s in Nanao, north of Kanazawa. The easiest way to get there would of course be by car, about a 2 hour drive.  Or, you could catch the express train to Wakura Onsen, and then a 20 minute taxi from there.  Find the link below to the shrine where the festival is held.


And here is the offical site (in Japanese) of the festival


If you are looking for good info on festivals in the Ishikawa region check out the sites below

Noto Wild : https://www.instagram.com/notonowild/

Noto Wild is a great local project showing off the dope side of the Noto area, in all the right ways

Noto prefectual page : https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/kiriko/en/index.php

Enjoy, and see you in the countryside

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