System 7 comes to Kanazawa

System 7, the famous English Techno duo, came to Kanazawa in December 2015.  The show was NUTS.  Thanks and congrats to RICK for the dope 7th anniversary party at Manier.

Here are a couple of pics from the show.  Hopefully Ill get the audio and film to you soon…stay tuned dude.

P1140456 P1140485 P1140526 P1140585 P1140637 P1140685 P1140815 P1140834 P1140907 P1140913 P1140976 P1150017 P1150035 P1150046 P1150055 P1150079 P1150089 P1150138 P1150145 P1150182 P1150225 P1150249 P1150283 P1150477 P1150548 P1150573 P1150586 P1150657 P1150670 P1150707 P1150769 P1150797 P1150803 P1150819 P1150850 P1150885 P1150945 P1150965 P1150971 P1150999 P1160023 P1160064

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