My favorite new spot

Wakura Onsen

A town about an hour and a half from Kanazawa by car and an hour on the express (JR) train, Wakura Onsen is sick.  It’s small, with great onsen hotels, right on the bay.  Kagaya, an onsen in Wakura, is rated the best onsen in Japan EVERY YEAR.  And even if you don’t have that kinda cash, it’s sweet to get a couple friends together, get a hotel room, relax in the world class baths, and then kick back with some good food and drink.

For baths, make sure to check out this park.  It’s got a foot bath where you can just chill out gazing on the bay.  And here is the famous bath in the middle of the city.

There is a nice Italian restaurant called “Blossom” here. Good cup of coffee and good food. Super nice retro.  And Mizu is the name of a great local restaurant.  It’s across the bridge, so you might need a car.

You can also hit up the Noto-jima aquarium, which is actually pretty tight (need car).  A ride around the island is cool too.

Small, right on the water, world class baths, an hour from Kanazawa.  That’s why Wakura Onsen is my new favorite spot.


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