Takigahara Cafe

Takigahara Cafe and Farm

Tucked away in the mountains south of Kanazawa near Komatsu and Kaga Onsen is Takigahara.  Rice fields, farms, rivers, mountains…it’s a beautiful place. Takigahara Cafe is right in the middle of all this nature, serving good food and drink in a lovely atmosphere. They grow a lot of their own food, and get the rest locally. They specialize in galettes, like a savory crepe, that are incredibly delicious. Everything is seasonal, and we tried all the galettes they had, mushrooms, fresh cheeses, a whole bunch of veggies. They also serve fresh salads and soups, juices crafted with hand made syrups, and herb tea. This place is worth the trip.

※A note about access.  It will definitely be easiest to go to Takigahara Cafe by car.  Its about 1 hour by car from Kanazawa, and 20 minutes from the Kaga Onsen area.

The walk around the area was really fun, some clean air and beautiful views.

Their website, facebook, and instagram

They also have a super cool Airbnb just down the street from the cafe. Check out the link below

Hours: 10:30~18:00
Open: Friday ~ Monday
Closed: Tuesday ~ Thursday
Address: Ta-2 Takigaharamachi, Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa-ken 923-0335
Address: 石川県小松市滝ヶ原町タ-2
Googlemap link: https://goo.gl/maps/m3bbnGVMdk62
GPS phone number: 0761-65-3088 (for the community center just down the street)

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