Pajero – Art Bar

Pajero – パペロ

Pajero is an art bar serving local Ishikawa sakes and beer that shows off a different side of the Kanazawa art scene. Along with great drinks, the bar makes you feel like you’re in some crazy novel, looking at Japanese tattoo books, drinking local sake, debating whether or not to try the absinthe. The first floor has the bar and small galleries where rotating exhibitions of mostly local, sometimes nationwide and international, artists display their work. The second floor is a tattoo parlor doing traditional Japanese tattoos.  FYI, Kanazawa and Ishikawa prefecture are widely known for ceramics, lacquerware, kimonos, and a kind of refined art scene. Pajero puts on display the graffiti, the tattoos, the gritty, yet extremely talented, side of art in Kanazawa. In the grips of the Shintenchi drinking district, Pajero is not to be missed.

“パぺロ”は、金沢のアートシーンの中でも近代的で異なる側面を持ったアートとバーのお店。お店の壁にはグラフィティ、またドアを開けると外とは違った雰囲気が目に入る。石川県の地ビールを堪能しつつ、刺青の本を手に取ってほしい。妖しげな小説の1ページのような気分に浸れる。 また、2階ではギャラリーをしています。ディープでストリートな芸術を見ながら、店員や来客との会話は楽しい。新天地に来た際は是非パぺロにも行ってほしい。

bar 21:00~3:00
Closed: Wednesday
Address: 2-3-21, Katamachi, Kanazawa
Google map link:
Coupon: Buy one get one free with paper coupon from Vol.4 

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