December 2019 in Pictures

2020 is here. Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

December 2019 was good, so I thought I would share a few pics from the ground here in Kanazawa, Japan.

-Tampopo is a new teppanyaki restaurant on Kiguramachi Street. Good food at a good price (we’ll try to get some pictures to follow). But some cool artwork by PROPO (Takuya, Kacchi, Yohei) paint team, sign language for the shop name TA・N・PO・PO. 鉄板中華タンポポ.

Like Each Other and Strawberry Panties performing at club DEF.

-PROPO paint again at club DEF at the Pajero 忘年会.

-A fun New Years at NO SIDE on Tatemachi Street

-And my main man Greko back in Kanazawa, killing it.

Stay up, relax, travel within;) Have a great year.

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