clean, fresh, hip, hot…whatever you call it, this is it.

young and well minded shops


select skateboards clothes, sneakers, sunglasses, incense, and caps from America, Europe, and Japan can all be found at IMART.  so if your looking for some select sneakers, and maybe an event around town, go check out IMART.

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with nothing but top quality street clothes, bags, wallets, records, caps, shoes, and leather goods from all over Japan and around the world, this is where to check out what fresh Japanese people wear.

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Corpo Cirucs

with unique vintage and new fashion from America and Europe, Corpo Circus has clothes, bags, and accessories that will set your clock back.


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with elements of vintage, tattoo, movie, music, motorcycle, American, and Japanese culture sewn into a clothing store, you need to check out Skanda. and don’t let the rebel vibe fool you; the guys who run this shop are some of the friendliest cats in town.


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just off the Tatemachi shopping street is the American vintage shop Norm.  100% American imports, but fashionable vintage like you’ve never seen.  top quality apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories line the shop.


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